Christmas Party #outfitfails and How to Save Them

With just a few days to go until the big day, you’ll want to show up at to your Christmas party looking sophisticated, flawless and fantastic. It’s the season to make an entrance, but you don’t want to turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately some people suffer some frustrating Christmas party outfit fails, no matter how hard they try to look perfect. Don’t worry, we’re at hand with a solution to all of the embarrassing outfit disasters your Christmas party may throw at you to ensure your evening ends in style. Shop the party edit today.

The Drinks Spill

Christmas Party Drinks

When you (or a drunken friend or colleague) spill red wine or a drink on your outfit it feels like there is no going back. However, if you respond quickly you may be able to save your outfit. There a few different methods that can help to get rid of red wine, such as soaking in boiling water, pouring white wine over the stain and salt/baking soda is supposed to work. To be safe, opt for dark colours such as burgundy, burnt orange or classic black.

Getting (b)laddered

Laddered Tights

It’s extremely annoying when you discover a ladder in your tights so pack an extra pair or double up. To stop it from getting worse, some people suggest putting clear nail varnish or hairspray on the ladder. For a safer bet, go for tailored trousers in place of a dress and show off some shoulder instead.

Facing your ‘outfit twin’

Outfit Twins

Your heart sinks when you turn up to your Christmas party and you’re in the same outfit as somebody else. You can’t exactly go home and change, but you can adapt your outfit a little.

Lose your jacket, roll up your sleeves or take off your tie to make your outfit look a bit different. Prepare for the worst by choosing some cool accessories, cuff links or a bow tie to give your outfit the edge.

Failing that, the best thing you can do is just accept it and embrace your outfit twin with open arms. After all, you’re going to have to pose with them for photos for the rest of the night as other party goers find your situation absolutely hilarious.

Aiming too high
Falling as a result of high heels

You’re told at work to ‘aim high’, right? When it comes to your party heels, sometimes slightly conservative is better – you don’t want to be that girl, hanging off other people because her feet are sore. Try a block heel or a wedge, which will be more comfortable and still glamourous too.

Tearing it up

Christmas Party Dancing

You’re dancing so hard you tear your trousers or skirt. Play it cool and don’t make a big scene. Drawing attention to yourself will only make more people notice. Grab your scarf or extra layer and channel your inner 80’s by tying it around your waist and just hope that most people are too drunk to care.

Winging it

Christmas Party Meal

We can all relate to the horror of putting a new outfit on just before your party and realising it’s way too tight. You’re left wishing you’d either tried it on or said no to that extra mince pie earlier.

At the Christmas meal? Strategically place a napkin or your drink over or in front of your stomach to disguise your rather full belly. Ladies, go for a smock  or t-shirt dress to avoid having to breathe in all evening.