The conversation on privacy vs convenience.

The articles within this blog dive into the problem of choosing privacy or convenience, and how to make your data really yours. Many of the articles are instructional and educational and will allow you to take control of the data you most likely expected to be private.

The links below will take you to the various articles written with you in mind:

Protecting your data

An introduction to the privacy of your information, who uses it, with a bonus tutorial on how to protect your data from being bought and sold by on of the largest data brokers around.

Protecting from Microsoft

A medium length article focusing on protecting your data and privacy from Microsoft, including tutorials on turning Cortana off and how to access the privacy dashboard.

Protecting from Social Media

A comprehensive guide to some of the more popular social media platforms, how to prevent as much data collection as possible/required and how to safely use these platforms without fear of being hacked.

Protecting from Twitter

Protecting from Facebook

Protecting from Snapchat


Finally, research has been conducted by the PriVsCon admin team, this looked at a sample group of 42 users who were asked important and relevant questions on the topic of digital data privacy.


This research took the form of a survey, the results of which can be found HERE


If you are curious about the results please do not hesitate to use the Contact Me page and write down any questions.

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